Books by Christopher Manson

Released: Oct. 1, 1997

"This is an ill-advised survey, floating blithely over the whole of medieval peasantry and never taking root in a specific geographic area. (Picture book. 7+)"
Nikola-Lisa (Tangletalk, p. 646, etc.) takes readers through an exhausting, contradictory year of peasant labor, ostensibly covering discrepancies in an author's note but creating instead a medieval muddle. Read full book review >
BLACK SWAN/WHITE CROW by J. Patrick Harris
Released: Oct. 1, 1995

"A beautiful collection to be savored by readers even as it inspires them. (Picture book/poetry. 7-9)"
Superb haiku about animals and the weather, preceded with an instructive note about the form—where it comes from, how it's defined, how to write it, how to read it. Read full book review >
Released: May 15, 1992

"Good story, well set. (Picture book. 4-10)"
The Lord Mayor has abused his trust: The city is poor, its buildings falling into decay while he squanders its wealth on pretentious follies. Read full book review >
THE CRAB PRINCE by Christopher Manson
Released: Oct. 15, 1991

"Manson's well-paced text has an entertainingly cheery tone that recommends it for sharing aloud; his illustrations are boldly drawn and dramatic, a bit sturdy- looking close up (not inappropriate for the plucky Rosella) but perfect for a group. (Folklore/Picture book. 5-10)"
A lively retelling of a rather long Italian story that has several familiar elements. Read full book review >

As Manson explains in a note, this story about an ancient Persian king is based on a 1566 collection of tales in English, which in turn was based on a third-century Roman rendition. Read full book review >