Books by Christopher Morgan

PIRATES DRIVE BUSES by Christopher Morgan
Released: March 1, 2008

Blister me eyebrows, the pirate from Pirates Eat Porridge (2007) is back. Breathless over-the-top humor from Down Under is the order of the day as siblings Heidi and Billy join their hirsute and logic-impaired friend on a wild bus tour. Joining the oceanic cast on the bus, the children find starfish, crawfish, octopus, the "parrot" who looks like a pig and a pirate named Frances Fallover. It's hard to say just what's going on in the wild bus ride, but new readers won't care. They'll just move from one nutty situation to another until the bus tour ends with a discovery of the pirate's lost ship, the SS You Beauty. Wackiness is shored up with clear black-and-white illustrations and lots of repeated words and phrases. Nonsense abounds—but, as the pirate tells us, "Sense is for seagulls." Kids too old for Mo Willems's Pigeon books but who love the zaniness of Lane Smith and Dav Pilkey are the right readers for this series. (Fiction. 8-10)Read full book review >
PIRATES EAT PORRIDGE by Christopher Morgan
Released: Sept. 1, 2007

Billy is the sort of boy who likes to sit in his treehouse and ponder the great questions: "Do clouds talk to each other? Do flying fish have nests? Who tells the tide to go out?" Billy is not the sort of boy who would be surprised to find a floating treasure map or have his sister Heidi announce the arrival of a pirate and a pig at his door. Soft-spoken Billy and no-nonsense Heidi negotiate the arrival of their demanding guest with a combination of cunning, understanding and acceptance. Along the way, they learn a lot about pirates, pirate school, seagulls, cabbage and porridge. New readers will appreciate the detailed and exuberant black-and-white illustrations, especially the exaggerated beard and head of the pirate and his "parrot," who happens to look a lot like a pig. The silly, convoluted plot might be a bit much for a new reader, but the pictures go far to help comprehension. Fans of Lane Smith and Jon Scieszka will find lots to laugh at here. (Fiction. 8-10)Read full book review >