Books by Christopher T. Leland

LETTING LOOSE by Christopher T. Leland
Released: Sept. 1, 1996

"All the highs and lows of those times, revisited by a trio who seem more like stock figures than the scar-bearing bereaved."
Leland (Professor of Aesthetics, 1993, etc.) offers a reprise of the angst and anxieties of the last two decades when three disparate but representative characters look back as the body of a longtime friend is brought home to be buried. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 1994

"Real McCoy'' colloquial voice of a local boarder is forced and obtrusive, breaking the spell, but this is otherwise a nearly flawless American gothic tale."
The life of an isolated couple with a disturbing family mystery is blown apart by an outsider: an Ethan Frome-like novel from the author of The Book of Marvels (1990), etc. Jay Skikey, molested as a boy by an adoptive mother, was also tutored in French and acquired other elegant traits that earn him- -after he becomes a smooth, unflinching killer for the mob—the nickname ``Professor of Aesthetics.'' Then, in 1932, when it comes time for Jay to disappear for a while, he moves to a small-town boardinghouse run by the Farrells—spinster Edna and her brother, Morris, the formerly gorgeous hope of the family who was psychologically shattered in WW I. Now a trackwalker (in his 15 years of service there hasn't been an accident on that stretch of railway line), Morris remembers his two lovers—a hometown boy who died of battlefield wounds in France, and a Frenchman. Read full book review >