Books by C.J. Songer

HOOK by C.J. Songer
Released: Dec. 7, 1999

"Fans hooked by Meg's heady debut (Bait, 1998) will find her just as swaggering as ever, even in full flight, and just as determined to confound the genre's gender roles by being the manliest little shamus in Southern Cal."
For a woman who's slinky enough to slither into a sheath dress and masquerade as a call girl in order to serve Sylvia de la Pe§a's wife-beating husband with divorce papers as he sits in a Beverly Hills restaurant, Mary Margaret Gillis spends an awful lot of time proving her manhood. Read full book review >
BAIT by C.J. Songer
Released: Aug. 1, 1998

"Warts and all, this is a debut to remember."
Just because Meg Gillis quit the LAPD after her off-duty husband Charlie was killed doesn't mean she's turned into one of those sniveling cop's widows. Read full book review >