Books by Claude Delafosse

BEES by Claude Delafosse
Released: March 1, 1997

In the First Discovery series, a small book that provides readers with intimate glimpses of slightly larger-than-life, realistically drawn insects. An abbreviated text functions almost as captions for the pictures, describing behaviors: making wax, doing a ``bee dance.'' Engaging facts about beekeeping and other nest-building insects (hornets, wasps) are included, as are a few pages devoted to termites (neither their relationship to bees nor the reason for their inclusion in the book is ever made clear). Transparent pages allow readers to buzz through a bee's life: peek behind flowers, peer inside a hive, and follow drones in their pursuit of the queen. These overlays work best at conveying a sense of motion, e.g., a swarming bee colony seems to move literally from hive to tree branch to new home. A useful introduction. (Picture book/nonfiction. 3-7) Read full book review >
DINOSAURS by Claude Delafosse
Released: June 1, 1993

A sturdy, spiral-bound ``First Discovery'' book (first published in France) that makes ingenious use of an intriguing gimmick—transparent plastic pages that flip to transform images and add text on opaque spreads: a giant brachiosaurus, seen from the front and compared to a turkey-sized contemporary cousin becomes the same giant from the rear, contrasted with a herd of elephants; a painting of a pterodactyl lifts to reveal its fossilized remains; a huge foot conceals its fossilized track, large enough for a wading pool where a toddler can ``go for a dip''; or scattered bones are assembled with the turn of another page. There's not a vast amount of information here, but a number of useful concepts are introduced, while the format is sure to grab attention. Also new in the same innovative format: Castles (ISBN: 0-590-46377-2). (Nonfiction/Picture book. 3-9) Read full book review >