Books by Clem Martini

Released: Sept. 1, 2004

The formal-voiced leader of a flock of crows recounts recent events that endangered the flock's safety. The Kinaar Family, upwards of 1,200 crows, is roosting in the Gathering Tree. Kalum, the Chooser, carefully narrates what has taken place over the past few days: brutal fights with cats, a huge snowstorm, quirky interactions with humans, and in-flock political conflicts. "[W]hat is a flock but individuals who have agreed to abide by a set of rules?" an elder asks; the explanation of these rules—though ostensibly aimed at the crows—may make readers feel lectured to. Martini tries to combine the storytelling voice with several other elements, such as creation myth, adventure, and intricacies of group politics, but Kalum's voice is too stilted to weave it all together. Some of the characters (including Kalum) are interesting, but all the K-names run together, and the overall effect is too studied to be engrossing. (Fiction. 11-14)Read full book review >