Books by Cole Gibsen

LIFE UNAWARE by Cole Gibsen
Released: April 28, 2015

"This well-intentioned story would have profited from a more delicate touch. (Fiction. 14-18)"
The persecutor becomes the persecuted when personal texts and emails are leaked, outing Regan Flay as the scheming mean girl she really is. Read full book review >
SHINOBI by Cole Gibsen
Released: March 8, 2014

"A swift tale of romance for the young teen with a warrior heart. (Paranormal romance. 12-15)"
Rileigh, a beautiful reincarnated samurai, is starting a new life in the finale to the Katana trilogy, which tones down the action even as it ramps up the supernatural suspense. Read full book review >
SENSHI by Cole Gibsen
Released: March 8, 2013

"Never terribly fraught or demanding, but with a twisty plot and death-defying action, this romance delivers teen yearning with martial arts kicks. (Paranormal romance. 12 & up)"
Rileigh, or Senshi as she was once known, is a sassy high school girl in love with her boyfriend, Kim. It just so happens that her relationship with Kim has spanned 500 years—Rileigh is a powerful, reincarnated samurai warrior. Read full book review >
KATANA by Cole Gibsen
Released: March 8, 2012

"Pass. (Paranormal romance. 12-16)"
An ordinary St. Louis teen finds that she has a distinctly un-ordinary legacy when she's attacked in a shopping-mall parking lot. Read full book review >