Books by Colleen Stanley Bare

SAMMY, DOG DETECTIVE by Colleen Stanley Bare
Released: Feb. 1, 1998

From Bare (Toby the Tabby Kitten, 1995, etc.), an informative look at the life of a police dog that effectively dispels the myth that such dogs must be vicious and aggressive. Sammy the dog leads two lives: beloved family pet and working dog. He and his owner, police officer Andy Schlenker, comprise a K-9 team, attending training school together, where, in addition to learning ordinary commands, Sammy, responding to hand signals as well as verbal commands, had lessons in agility, search, and attack. He's only had to bite twice—just his bark scares most criminals into surrender. Both the text and full- color photographs are uneven. Bare regularly lapses into the passive voice and other awkward phrasing; while some pictures—of Sammy in action, going through agility trials, or visiting school children—are compelling, posed shots of him wearing glasses or looking at the computer are not. The subject of the book is so inherently interesting that most children will be able to get past such quibbles. (index) (Picture book/nonfiction. 6-10) Read full book review >
TOBY THE TABBY KITTEN by Colleen Stanley Bare
Released: Oct. 1, 1995

A collection of sunny, full-color photographs of Toby, a Manx kitten, with funny, informative explanations of his likes and dislikes, language, senses, body, and habits: climbing trees, sleeping, and feeding. Readers meet his owner, Sarah, who takes him with her to school, and his friend, Duke, a dog. Like kittens themselves, the text is tirelessly playful; Bare (This is a House, 1992, etc.) doesn't shy away from anthropomorphization, rhymes the text when she wants to, and completely changes her tone from one sentence to the next—a spunky presentation. The pictures show Toby in a variety of contexts, from a trip down a slide to a pose in some tulips. Warm and endearing for young friends of felines, marginal for those not so disposed. (index) (Picture book. 3-8) Read full book review >
THIS IS A HOUSE by Colleen Stanley Bare
Released: Aug. 1, 1992

A photographic biography of a new house being built on a picturesque hill, from blueprints to clearing the site, excavating, laying the foundation, framing, finishing, and even furnishing. The clear, simple text here tells a little about the process and its magnitude: ``The carpenters...will use 400 pounds of nails....'' The color photos are crisp and bright, showing each step as new crews—carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.- -enter the scene. With one minor exception—a different part of the roof is shown than is described in the text—readers will always know just where they are and what's happening. Attractive and entertaining. Glossary. (Nonfiction. 6+) Read full book review >
BUSY, BUSY SQUIRRELS by Colleen Stanley Bare
Released: May 1, 1991

A longer—but less interesting—text than the author's Never Kiss an Alligator (1989) and Elephants on the Beach (1990). Introducing both tree and and ground squirrels, with information on how they eat, live, and protect themselves plus some appealing bits on baby squirrels, the pedestrian text begins, ``Squirrels are furry, bright, lively little animals that are very busy,'' and concludes, ``Good night, busy squirrels, good night.'' The many appealing, colorful close-up photos are the best feature here. Index. (Nonfiction. 6-8) Read full book review >