Books by Courtney Eldridge

GHOST TIME by Courtney Eldridge
Released: June 11, 2013

"A jumble of nonintegrated parts, admirable for its technical ambition but nothing else. (Paranormal/science fiction/fantasy/mystery/romance. 14 & up)"
In this overstuffed crossover debut, a narrative that zigzags chronologically paints increasingly disquieting elements into a seemingly typical teen romance/mystery. Read full book review >
THE GENEROSITY OF WOMEN by Courtney Eldridge
Released: June 22, 2009

" Brave and accomplished. "
Short-story author Eldridge (Unkempt, 2005) gives distinctive voice to six very different characters in her challenging debut novel. Read full book review >
UNKEMPT by Courtney Eldridge
Released: Aug. 1, 2004

"So far, Eldridge, who published three of these tales in McSweeney's, is stronger on voice than story."
By turns engaging and tedious, Eldridge's first collection—seven stories and a novella—requires the patience of a friendly reader to yield its loopy neurotic charm. Read full book review >