Books by Craig Childs

Craig Child's a naturalist, adventurer, desert ecologist, and frequent contributor to National Public Radio's Morning Edition lives in Crawford, Colorado. His previous books include The Secret Knowledge of Water, Soul of Nowhere, and The Way Out.

Released: May 1, 2018

"A tight weave of professional findings, anecdotes, site visits, and explanations behind ancient artifacts make this book both engaging and indispensable for those with an interest in prehistory."
Scenarios of glacial and postglacial environments in the Americas. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 2, 2012

"Gripping descriptions of deteriorating ecosystems that may soon require less travel and perhaps none at all for readers to experience."
The Earth has always been prone to violent changes, natural disasters, mass extinctions and climate extremes. Global warming will make matters worse, but this lyrical natural history is both a polemic and a preview. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 25, 2010

"A colorful, informative excavation."
Naturalist Childs (The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild, 2007, etc.) probes our "meaningful, tangible connection to the people who came long before us." Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 12, 2007

"Each of these pieces is a personal invitation to get outdoors and celebrate all things furred, feathered and scaled."
Naturalist and essayist Childs (House of Rain: Tracking a Vanished Civilization Across the American Southwest, 2007, etc.) celebrates wild creatures met in wild places. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 22, 2007

"An original, eloquent account of an intellectual and archaeological odyssey."
Naturalist and NPR commentator Childs (Soul of Nowhere, 2002, etc.) chronicles his research trips following in the footsteps of a native population that flourished, then mysteriously disappeared, in pre-Columbian America. Read full book review >
SOUL OF NOWHERE by Craig Childs
Released: Oct. 1, 2002

"Superb, meriting shelf space alongside the best of Edward Abbey, Mary Austin, and Frank Waters."
Raconteur, essayist, and NPR commentator Childs (The Secret Knowledge of Water, 2001, etc.) offers a memoir of mad-dog adventures in desert badlands. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1997

"He has carved an important niche for himself as a nature writer."
Richly nuanced, well-mulled, enormously gratifying descriptions of chance encounters with wildlife from freelancer Childs (Stone Desert, not reviewed). Read full book review >