Books by Curtis Wilkie

THE ROAD TO CAMELOT by Thomas Oliphant
Released: May 9, 2017

"An excellent chronicle of JFK's innovations, his true personality, and how close he came to losing."
Accepting the challenge that Theodore White laid out in The Making of the President 1960: to "tell the story of the quest for power in 1960 in more precise terms with a greater wealth of established fact." Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 19, 2010

"Overlong but well-balanced."
Veteran journalist Wilkie (Journalism/Univ. of Mississippi; Dixie: A Personal Odyssey Through Events that Shaped the Modern South, 2001, etc.) produces a meaty biography extolling the rise and fall of an infamously lucrative trial litigator. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 11, 2001

"Wilkie is a savvy reporter, combining grace with tack-sharpness in this memorable portrait of a slice of the South over the past half-century."
A fluent and fluid memoir of growing up way down south, from Boston Globe reporter Wilkie. Read full book review >