Books by Cynthia Robinson

THE BARBARY DOGS by Cynthia Robinson
Released: Nov. 8, 2011

"The only dog in this tale is Max's pug, a legacy from his first plunge into detective work (The Dog Park Club, 2010). This esoteric tale, peopled with dozens of quirky characters, draws you in and spits you out dazed and delighted with the journey."
An unlikely and unwilling amateur sleuth is forced to dig into the past to save his future. Read full book review >
THE DOG PARK CLUB by Cynthia Robinson
Released: July 6, 2010

"Robinson's fiction debut is an amusing dark comedy with charismatic characters and a story that seems ripped from the headlines but turns out to be far more interesting than the truth."
A half-Gypsy, bisexual opera singer makes a snobbish, unlikely and often uninterested sleuth. Read full book review >