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Released: Oct. 1, 1997

Worm and his older brother, Todd, have heard that their father, who lives 25 miles away and suffers from depression, has been sitting out on his roof for several days. Determined to help him through this latest crisis, they slip away from home and make the journey to his house on foot, at night, following the course of a creek. Along the way they must contend with their emotions, take care of themselves, and avoid capture. Worm is an interesting creation: a self-aware, clumsy daydreamer who spouts bad poetry, worse jokes, and riddles. Todd is a typical elder son, certain that he has to fix everyone else's problems. Though understated, the love and tension between Todd and Worm are palpable. Within what amounts to a suburban survival story, these two argue their way through forests, both real and emotional, finally finding light on the other side. Haas is thorough but not too tidy: His story is convincing and his characters are, regardless of their feelings for each other, likable. (Fiction. 9-13) Read full book review >