Books by Daniel Woodrell

Dan Woodrell comes from a long line of Ozarkers that stretch back before the Civil War and currently lives in the Ozark town of West Plains, Missouri. A high school dropout he joined the marine corps at 17, but the military and he saw things differently.

THE MAID'S VERSION by Daniel Woodrell
Released: Sept. 3, 2013

"A commanding fable about trespass and reconstruction from a titan of Southern fiction."
A grandson becomes obsessed with his grandmother's story about a small-town disaster from many years ago. Read full book review >
THE OUTLAW ALBUM by Daniel Woodrell
Released: Oct. 5, 2011

Twelve spare, haunting and brutal slices of country noir from the genre's most gifted practitioner.

From Woodrell, author of the brilliant Winter's Bone, which was richly adapted into the Oscar-nominated 2010 film, now comes a collection of short fiction, previously published in outlets ranging from The Missouri Review and Esquire to hard-hitting anthologies like A Hell of a Woman. Read full book review >

WINTER’S BONE by Daniel Woodrell
Released: Aug. 7, 2006

"Every bit as good as Woodrell's icy The Death of Sweet Mister (2001)—in other words, about as good as it gets. "
A stoical Appalachian girl strives to rescue her family from her father's criminal legacy in Woodrell's bleak, mean, gripping eighth novel. Read full book review >
Released: May 21, 2001

"Such narration carries this novel—and it's a weighty, worthwhile load."
A long-suffering kid draws the bars of his own cage, in Woodrell's tender and downright merciless seventh novel (after Tomato Red, 1998). Read full book review >
TOMATO RED by Daniel Woodrell
Released: Aug. 31, 1998

Woodrell's second book, Woe to Live On (1987), is being filmed by Ang Lee, and the author seems to have pitched this, his sixth low-down and dirty novel, to the big screen: his no-account characters and their dumb-as-a-stump doings have that over-the-top quality that transfers neatly to the movies; and his downbeat ending, with its teenaged femme fatale, is pure Hollywood noir. Read full book review >

GIVE US A KISS by Daniel Woodrell
Released: Feb. 14, 1996

In his fifth novel full of ``quick, terrible rough-stuff,'' Woodrell (The Ones You Do, 1992, etc.) makes it clear he's itching to escape the confines of genre fiction: that, like his Ozark-bred novelist-protagonist, he's hoping for that breakout book. And this down-and-dirty bit of ``for real-ism'' just might do the deed, with Woodrell adding a smart dose of writerly in-jokes and bottom-up social analysis to his usual mix of peckerwood poetry and butt-kicking violence. Read full book review >

THE ONES YOU DO by Daniel Woodrell
Released: April 16, 1992

When his songstress wife Randi Tripp, the 'Bama Butterfly, runs out on him with $47,000 he's been holding for Lunch Pumphrey, sodden patriarch John X. Shade takes off with his ten-year-old daughter Etta for St. Read full book review >