Books by Dave Ross

Released: Jan. 31, 2000

PLB 0-06-028453-6 After A Book of Friends (p. 537) and A Book of Hugs (1980, not reviewed), perhaps there is no better topic for Ross and Rader to tackle than kisses. From grandparent kisses to bedtime-story kisses, to car kisses (or smeary window kisses), this book is slathered with osculations. Also listed are butterfly kisses, blown-across-the-room kisses, telephone kisses, and mailed kisses, those lines of Xs about which children are so curious. Definitions, synonyms, and one antonym ("unkissable") are included, as well as how to say "kiss" in 15 different languages. Rader's sweet drawings of animals are perfect—naturally a hippo should get a raspberry kiss on its stomach from a squirrel. A volume that may provide the best reason to pucker up since the mass commercialization of Valentine's Day. (Picture book. 3-6) Read full book review >
Released: April 30, 1999

PLB 0-06-028362-9 Ross reduces a topic as enigmatic and multi-faceted as friendship to didacticism and platitudes. "Friends come in all different sizes and shapes and colors," the text intones; friends can be big and small, new and old, best and imaginary. The things Ross suggests pals do together—take new experiences, confide troubles, have an adventure, share—will hardly be news to children, and becomes somewhat bald in these pages. The asides are worse: "It's not the size of your friends that counts. It is the size of your heart" and "It doesn't matter how many friends you have. . . . It's quality, not quantity, that counts!" Some people won't mind the presentation; the bestseller lists are full of such volumes as Ross and Rader's A Book of Hugs; still, most children will want to dodge the finger-wagging. (Picture book. 3-7) Read full book review >