Books by David C. Taylor

NIGHT WORK by David C. Taylor
Released: April 5, 2016

"Sturdy, studly historical cop drama that's not as smooth or playful as Elmore Leonard but a good deal more accomplished than Max Allan Collins."
Taylor's criminal traversal of the 1950s leaves behind J. Edgar Hoover (Night Life, 2015) to focus on an assassination plot against newly hatched dictator Fidel Castro.Read full book review >
NIGHT LIFE by David C. Taylor
Released: March 17, 2015

"Taylor, a seasoned writer for TV and film, makes a strong debut with the first in a series of novels featuring a hard-edged but properly vulnerable detective."
Life for NYPD detective Michael Cassidy is black and Red all over in this thriller set during the McCarthy era of the 1950s. Not only does he have a murder to solve, he's also got to rid himself of the curse of Commie-baiting superlawyer Roy Cohn. Read full book review >