Books by David Castronovo

Released: Dec. 10, 2005

"For the Wilson completist, though those who remember Hecate County as a dirty book may be interested, too."
Ah, a critic in love: what every book reviewer yearns to be. Edmund Wilson was no ordinary reviewer, of course. And as for those he loved, well, there was Edna Millay, and Elinor Wylie, and Mary McCarthy, and . . . Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 25, 1991

"Although Castronovo is very methodical, he fails to give his study a sociological framework or historical context, offering what is at best a pleasant exercise by a gentleman scholar, one of the few varieties of gentlemen he neglects here. (Illustrations.)"
Despite alluding to George Bush and a few movie stars in his opening, Castronovo (English/Pace) is primarily interested in the literary representation of gentlemen, figures who either have prestige or lose it or are criticized for the way they acquire or exhibit it. Read full book review >