Books by David Dalglish

SKYBORN by David Dalglish
Released: Nov. 17, 2015

"Assertive Bree and uncertain Kael are likable teenagers, but their trials and triumphs are so predictable that it's hard to care about them, the carnage they inflict, or the civilization they protect."
Twins Breanna and Kael Skyborn live in a hierarchical, corrupt civilization, comprised of six holy islands, aloft above the Endless Ocean. Read full book review >
A DANCE OF MIRRORS by David Dalglish
Released: Dec. 3, 2013

"Retains the attention for now, but it would be great if the author explored other issues in subsequent volumes."
In the third installment of a blood-soaked political fantasy series (A Dance of Cloaks, 2013; A Dance of Blades, 2013), the carnage moves from the capital city of Veldaren to bustling, corrupt Angelport. Read full book review >