Books by David Feherty

A NASTY BIT OF ROUGH by David Feherty
Released: March 11, 2002

"A terrific little debut book about golf."
A new publisher of commercial fiction offers an amusing debut novel, presumably the first in a series, by a Golf Magazine columnist and golfcaster for CBS-TV's PGA coverage. At 17, the gifted Feherty gave up a future in opera, turned golf pro, went on the European Tour and played on the European Ryder Cup Team in 1991 before retiring in 1997. The story at hand features members of the fictional, quite madcap Scrought's Wood Golf Club in Northumberland (near the village of Scroughtly) and especially Major General (ret.) Sir Richard Gussett, better known as Uncle Dickie in Feherty's ongoing "Sidespin" column for Golf. The tale poses a question, Can golf be fun?—and seems to answer that, yes, even for Tiger Woods there's often a nasty bit of rough. Feherty's focus is on the petrified but prestigious middle finger of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland and thus of golf itself. The Scrought greens, hidden in a moor, lies smack into rough so treacherous that the entire course is barely visible from the air. And now Uncle Dickie must crush (if only by a single stroke) the roaring rival McGregor Clan of Tay for the St. Andrew Finger. Read full book review >