Books by David Hagberg

DAVID HAGBERG is a former Air Force cryptographer who has traveled extensively in Europe, the Arctic, and the Caribbean and has spoken at CIA functions. He has published more than twenty novels of suspense, including the bestselling High Flight, Assassin,

BLOWOUT by David Hagberg
Released: March 27, 2012

A blistering thriller from Dorgan, a former congressman and senator for North Dakota, and Hagberg, a former U.S. Air Force cryptographer.

In North Dakota, a top-secret project called The Dakota District Initiative seeks to prove the viability of converting coal into pollution-free energy. Read full book review >

ABYSS by David Hagberg
Released: June 1, 2011

"Given the BP oil spill and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, this is a timely and frightening novel. Readers will be left thinking, This could really happen."
Ex-CIA chief Kirk McGarvey fends off charlatans and terrorists in this exciting and largely plausible eco-thriller. Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2008

"A little-known slice of Cold War history, as experienced by an insider and vividly retold by an old pro."
Nonfiction thriller about the Soviet naval mutiny that inspired The Hunt for Red October. Read full book review >
ALLAH’S SCORPION by David Hagberg
Released: Jan. 23, 2007

"Pretty tired stuff. Maybe it's time for McGarvey to try out that new career."
It's McGarvey vs. al-Qaeda when thrillermeister Hagberg cranks out the old formula for the 33rd time (Soldier of God, 2005, etc.). Read full book review >
SOLDIER OF GOD by David Hagberg
Released: Nov. 1, 2005

"Flat and stale but, given the tested loyalty of the Hagberg fan base, probably a hit."
A tireless thrillermeister evokes jihad again in his relentlessly formulaic 32nd (By Dawn's Early Light, 2003, etc.). Read full book review >
BY DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT by David Hagberg
Released: Sept. 1, 2003

Having spent perhaps a week novelizing at mach-speed the script of Schwarzenegger's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, former Air Force cryptographer Hagberg abandons his long-running Kirk McGarvey series (The Kill Zone, 2002, etc.) and rests momentarily for a fresh attack on international technothrills while hatching plots for McGarvey's new role as director of the CIA. Read full book review >

THE KILL ZONE by David Hagberg
Released: Jan. 1, 2003

"Le Carré manqué, true enough, but spymeister Hagberg can percolate an action scene with the best of them."
With Kirk McGarvey's return to action after a one-book hiatus, old pro Hagberg (Joshua's Hammer, 2000, etc.) shows that his hand's still firm on the thriller. Read full book review >
EDEN’S GATE by David Hagberg
Released: June 1, 2001

"Smooth sailing. Have no fear, Hagberg fans, that any page might be dull."
Typing at mach-speed, ex-Air Force cryptographer Hagberg has published over 60 suspensers under various pen names (Sean Flannery, etc.). Read full book review >
JOSHUA’S HAMMER by David Hagberg
Released: Sept. 1, 2000

"Still, McGarvey seems to have lost some edge. He has fantasies of becoming a Voltaire scholar, and anxieties about looming grandfatherhood. Somebody should give the guy a rest."
The bad guys have this secret weapon of mass destruction and want to vaporize the good guys with it. So what else is new? In Hagberg's 13th Kirk McGarvey thriller, not much. Read full book review >
WHITE HOUSE by David Hagberg
Released: Aug. 24, 1999

A touch of Japan-bashing, a smidgen of nuke-scarifying, and a max of superheated swashbuckling—all in this formulaic Hagberg technothriller (Assassin, 1997, etc.). Read full book review >

ASSASSIN by David Hagberg
Released: June 24, 1997

The security services of several nations want to stop retired CIA hit man Kirk McGarvey before he can complete a lone-wolf mission to Moscow that could upset any number of geopolitical applecarts. Russia's economic woes and foreign policy setbacks are making the country's electorate restive enough to give the presidency to Yevgenni Tarankov, a charismatic Stalinist who campaigns throughout the motherland in an armored train. Read full book review >

HIGH FLIGHT by David Hagberg
Released: Sept. 2, 1995

Japan baiting and bashing become fine arts in this complex but effective and fast-paced technothriller from old pro Hagberg (Desert Fire, 1993, etc.) It's 1997, and Guerin Airplane Co. has called on retired CIA hard-case Kirk McGarvey to check the stop-at-nothing methods employed by a Japanese zaibatsu to take the corporation over. Read full book review >

DESERT FIRE by David Hagberg
Released: July 1, 1993

A lone German detective battles Iraqis and PLO mercenaries seeking to secure Saddam Hussein a powerful atomic reactor that would guarantee him bomb-grade plutonium—in an effectively moody chiller from old pro Hagberg (Critical Mass, etc.). Called in by the BND when a dishy engineer who'd been spying for Deutschland's CIA is brutally murdered and raped in her Bonn flat, Walther Roemer of the Federal Bureau of Criminal investigation finds himself caught up in a baffling, violent case with geopolitical implications. Read full book review >

CRITICAL MASS by David Hagberg
Released: June 1, 1992

Vengeful Japanese cowboy/industrialist seeks to build A-bomb; vengeful American cowboy/agent seeks to thwart same—in this expert rouser from dependable Hagberg (Countdown, 1990; Crossfire, 1991). After losing his parents in Hiroshima and his wife and daughter in Nagasaki, Isawa Nakamura resurfaces decades later as a self-made computer kingpin with the clout to take out three inconvenient CIA men on a Swissair jetliner with a surface-to-air missile. Read full book review >

CROSSFIRE by David Hagberg
Released: June 18, 1991

Russians, Iranians, Americans, Nazis, Israelis, and Argentines go for each others' throats in the search for real, fake, old, and new gold in at least two hemispheres. Read full book review >