Books by David Hawcock

TROPICAL FISH by David Hawcock
Released: Sept. 12, 2017

"Possibly of minor interest as display items but otherwise dispensable. (Informational pop-up. 5-7)"
A compact pop-up portrait gallery of finny favorites. Read full book review >
0-20 by David Hawcock
by David Hawcock, illustrated by David Hawcock
Released: Nov. 1, 2015

"While handsome, as a pop-up counting book, this doesn't stand out. (Pop-up picture book. 3-6)"
Small of trim size and simple of design, this blocky companion to Aa To Zz: A Pop-Up Alphabet (2015) pairs single- and double-digit pop-up numerals with equivalent arrays of countable items. Read full book review >
DINOSAURS! by Sheri Safran
Released: Sept. 1, 2015

"Lacklusterus nonstarteris. (Informational pop-up. 4-6)"
Eight dinos pose fetchingly in this hand-sized pop-up gallery. Read full book review >
Aa-Zz by David Hawcock
Released: Sept. 1, 2015

"An ingenious, if unevenly successful, showpiece. (Pop-up alphabet book. 3 & up)"
Twenty-six pop-up letters—both resolutely minimalist and a tour de force of paper design. Read full book review >
BEETLE by David Hawcock
Released: April 1, 1996

"(Nonfiction. 4-8)"
Beetle ($6.99; April 1, 1996; 8 pp.; 0-679-87566-2): This entry in the Bouncing Bugs series (other titles include Fly, ISBN 0-679- 87567-0, and Wasp, -87565-4) has pop-ups, foldout pages, and snippets of information aimed at budding entomologists about what the title insect eats, what its parts are called, etc. Too creepy for preschoolers but ideal for lower elementary children is the last spread, which, when the book covers are folded back and looped together with a covered elastic string, pops into a huge, realistically detailed bug, easily seen by the back rows. Read full book review >