Books by David Hays

TODAY I AM A BOY by David Hays
Released: Oct. 5, 2000

"To his credit, Hays doesn't oversentimentalize things; to his discredit, he never makes his journey the story it could have been. A disappointment."
A semiretired theater director, at age 66, finally becomes a man. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 1995

"The reader must care about the Hays family to be interested in this cross between a rite of passage and a sea passage, but the voyagers deserve accolades for this hazardous journey."
In an account combining elements of The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym and a sensitivity training group, a father and son courageously voyage around the tip of South America, challenging the elements, their sailing prowess, and their capacity to get along. Read full book review >