Books by David L. Dudley

CY IN CHAINS by David L. Dudley
Released: Dec. 17, 2013

"A tough, important read, though many readers will need prior background knowledge to fully understand it. (Historical fiction. 14 & up)"
A black teen finds himself sold to a brutal chain gang in post-Reconstruction Georgia. Read full book review >
CALEB'S WARS by David L. Dudley
Released: Oct. 24, 2011

"Provocative and interesting. (Historical fiction. 14 & up)"
In small-town Georgia in 1944, 15-year-old Caleb is surrounded by war. Read full book review >
THE BICYCLE MAN by David L. Dudley
Released: Oct. 17, 2005

The setting—1927 in a Southern small town—matches the old-fashioned feel of this quiet story of loss and hope. Twelve-year-old Carissa lives in poverty with her widowed mother. Bailey's arrival on a bright blue bicycle changes their lives for the better. An elderly man, he's willing to work hard for a bit of food and a place to stay. An archetypal wise elder, Bailey teaches Carissa to ride his bike, tells her about his travels, and offers moral tales to help her and her family face some unpleasant truths and reconcile their differences. Carissa's recognition of Bailey's essential goodness is immediate, but contemporary readers might be more wary and feel that he's too good to be true. In addition, Bailey's assertion that Carissa can accomplish whatever she wants isn't entirely convincing given the honest picture of the racism and oppression of the day that Dudley presents. The slow pace of the plot and Dudley's use of dialect for some of the characters may further lessen the book's appeal. Honest but not especially engaging. (Fiction. 10-12)Read full book review >