Books by David Lyons

BLOOD GAME by David Lyons
Released: Aug. 13, 2013

"Though not as winning or involving as Ice Fire, this is a solid, engaging thriller with a protagonist cut from a different cloth."
Jock Boucher, the Cajun federal judge-turned-unlikely action hero, returns for his second life-threatening adventure: investigating the smuggling of arms across the Mexican border by superpowerful New Orleans industrialist Ray Dumont. Read full book review >
ICE FIRE by David Lyons
Released: May 1, 2012

"Lousy title notwithstanding, this is an auspicious beginning for a mystery series featuring one of the most agreeably easygoing heroes on this side of the Atlantic."
Introducing Jock Boucher, black Cajun federal district judge, who may be young and recently appointed but isn't afraid of ruffling feathers in his hometown of New Orleans. Rejecting pointed advice from on high, he investigates corruption charges leveled against the indisposed senior judge whose cases he has taken on. Read full book review >
BIOHAZARD LEVEL 4 by David Lyons

"A tightly packed bioweapon story provides momentum and plenty of obstacles for the recurring protagonist to overcome."
The latest in Lyons' (Waters of Oblivion, 2014, etc.) Jock Boucher thriller series finds the retired judge facing off against his nemesis, who plans to unleash plague-infested mosquitoes in the United States.Read full book review >