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David Masiel was born in Oakland, California, and grew up in Richmond, where he used to sit at an old Formica table and listen to his grandfather’s stories of rogues, riverboats, sailors, and the sea. He has worked as a golf instructor, a maintenance man,

Released: Dec. 13, 2005

"An assured, propulsive novel that nicely balances adventure sequences with more intimate moments."
A continent-hopping story about a 600-foot tanker stuffed with a toxic mix of chemicals, mutinous crew members and Melvillean hubris. Read full book review >
2182 KHz by David Masiel
Released: March 19, 2002

"Obviously destined for some high-decibel multiplex, this is a good page-turner with an appropriately colorful crew and perfect tempo."
A salty debut from the frozen North plots the uneven course by which seaman Henry Seine makes his way home from Alaska to the Puget Sound. Read full book review >