Books by David R. Collins

Released: March 10, 1999

"Researchers will be delighted to find her Newbery acceptance speech included in its entirety. (b&w photos, bibliography, index) (Biography. 9-12)"
Marguerite Henry died barely two years ago, after living the life of which most writers dream: She wrote from the time she was young, her parents encouraged her, she published early and often, and her books were honored and loved in her lifetime. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 29, 1994

"Photos; chronology (with one date mismatched with a text date); bibliography; index. (Biography. 10+)"
Brisk writing drives this sympathetic portrait of a vivacious woman who was probably unfairly criticized in her own day. Read full book review >
J.R.R. TOLKIEN by David R. Collins
Released: April 8, 1992

"Chronology; glossary; bibliography; index. (Biography. 10-14)"
Since there doesn't seem to be another biography of Tolkien for young readers, this pedestrian venture will probably be useful. Read full book review >
TO THE POINT: A Story About E.B. White by David R. Collins
Released: March 29, 1989

A biography of White written for children just old enough to read Charlotte's Web should be welcome. Read full book review >