Books by David S. Rose

Released: Oct. 1, 1994

Alex has been sleeping in his older brother Simon's room in a sleeping bag. One night Simon informs him that he can no longer use his bag because Dexter the Dragon is in it. Although Alex can't see Dexter, he sleeps on the floor. The next morning, Dexter sits in Alex's chair at breakfast; on his swing in the back yard; and across from Simon on the seesaw. Lonely Alex goes inside where he meets Calvin the Camel. That night, Calvin sleeps in Simon's sleeping bag. The next morning he sits at Simon's place at the table, and so on. Alex moves back into his own room with the camel because Simon's room is too crowded. Then Simon informs Alex that Dexter is gone. Soon a despondent Calvin departs as well. He leaves a note that says: ``I will miss you but I miss Dexter more. That's the way it is with best friends.'' When Alex moves back into Simon's room, Simon says that he feels sorry for Dexter and Calvin ``because they're only best friends, but we're brothers.'' Little Alex battles his brother intelligently, and everyone comes out unscathed. Howe (Rabbit-Cadabra, 1993, etc.) writes with wit and sensitivity about childhood, brotherhood, and the power of the imagination. Rose's lovable creatures are a delight. (Fiction/Picture book. 4-7) Read full book review >