Books by David Sosnowski

HAPPY DOOMSDAY by David Sosnowski
Released: Sept. 1, 2018

"A sharply topical and well-researched apocalypse narrative that shifts among black humor, grisly details, and moments of poignancy."
Sosnowski (Vamped, 2004) follows three teenage survivors of a global apocalypse as they struggle through a ravaged America empty of other humans. Read full book review >
VAMPED by David Sosnowski
Released: Aug. 4, 2004

"Sardonic and wistful at the same time."
Vampires rule the world, but they've been domesticated along the way in Sosnowski's unnervingly funny second novel (after Rapture, 1996). Read full book review >
RAPTURE by David Sosnowski
Released: Sept. 21, 1996

"Sosnowski writes like- -well, an angel."
Inventive first novel with the unlikely theme that humankind is about to evolve into a new species: angels. Read full book review >