Books by Debbie Boon

Released: June 1, 2005

"If you go walking in Tiger Wood, / you'd better be good. / The tigers might be watching . . . "—as indeed they are. In Boon's leafy scenes a pair of anxious children creep along, startling at glimpses of a baboon, a deer and other benign forest residents, while remaining oblivious to the gathering array of smiling, green-eyed felines padding along behind. Frightening? Not very, as the tigers have such a friendly look, that the level of suspense never rises very high—and in the end, they're just big pussy cats, who invite their visitors to stay and play. Sporting die-cut holes, including one through the front cover, this is an outing with a toddler-pleasing combination of danger and safety. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2001

Little Hen does not think that she is special in any way until one day she decides that she will do "Something Wonderful." Little Hen is not an award-winning chicken of particular breeding. She is not particularly large or interesting, and the other chickens waste no time in reminding her of these shortcomings. The farmer's wife encourages her, saying, "Small creatures can do wonderful things. Look at spiders." One particularly hot day, all of the chickens go into the woods to cool off and nest. All the other chickens leave their eggs in the forest and return to the farm. Little Hen stays with the eggs through driving rain and terrible winds. Her perseverance is rewarded with the hatching of five young chicks. As she returns to the farm, the farmer and his wife run out to greet her and congratulate her on the wonderful thing that she has done. Brightly feathered chickens and a wonderful mix of layouts make the paintings that illustrate this tale come alive. The climactic hatching of the chicks is wonderfully rendered on a double-page spread, leaving the reader smiling along with Little Hen as her children are born. The larger-than-life chickens with their incredibly expressive faces would be enough to entice young readers, but this tale of victory by the ordinary is sure to become a favorite. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >
MY GRAN by Debbie Boon
by Debbie Boon, illustrated by Debbie Boon
Released: March 1, 1998

Boon's first book is replete with vibrant paints that swoosh, crinkle, and glow across pages in which a young girl sings a paean to her grandmother. "My gran's a chocolate in bowls gran/an ‘any more rolls?' gran . . . a warm gran, a honey gran/an ever so funny gran"—a gran who lives among bright pottery bowls, grows wonderful things to eat, and stomps through her own grapes to make wine; she drives a big yellow truck, and is, in every way, a child's dream. The rollicking, festive rhythm makes the final line, "I love her," superfluous, but joy bursts forth from these pages, in the form of poppies and sunflowers, striped laundry on the line, and juicy tomatoes on the table. (Picture book. 3-8) Read full book review >