Books by Deirdre McNamer

RED ROVER by Deirdre McNamer
Released: Aug. 6, 2007

"A beautifully written, emotionally gratifying novel."
The mysterious death of one brother haunts another for decades until an unrelated act of violence reveals the truth. Read full book review >
MY RUSSIAN by Deirdre McNamer
Released: June 4, 1999

"McNamer's edgy, graveyard-witty, borderline-wisecracking voice has its charms, but this time out it's largely wasted on a character and a situation that are hard to care about."
A provocative character study of a —mad housewife— at odds with her family and community is the most interesting feature of this ambitious, flawed third novel from the Montana author of Rima in the Weeds (1991) and One Sweet Quarrel (1994). Read full book review >
ONE SWEET QUARREL by Deirdre McNamer
Released: March 16, 1994

"A pleasurable dip into a long-lost time with its nearly extinct brand of Americans—accomplished, entertaining fiction."
A woman and her two brothers come of age in early 20th-century America in this warm, perceptive second novel from the author of Rima in the Weeds (1990). Read full book review >

First novel about interlocked lives in small-town Montana: some of the portraits descend close to caricature, but when McNamer focuses on ten-year-old Margaret Greenfield, she provides one of the best coming-of-age stories in recent fiction. Read full book review >