Books by Demetria L. Lucas

Essence editor, blogger and first-time author Demetria Lucas shines as a luminary among single women who tell their “been-there-done-that-bought-the-T-shirt” stories proudly. The noticeable difference separating Lucas from her peers, however, is that instead of loathing single sistahood and anxiously awaiting her knight in shining armor, she describes her fondness of being young, sassy and single in her debut A Belle in Brooklyn. Lucas plumbs the ins and outs of single life as a stylish journalist in the Big Apple in an indepth tome that delves into her voyages, inspirations and triumphs. See what Lucas had to say about book in this interview. Photo credit: Rayon Richards

Released: June 14, 2011

"Readers will find very little advice that they couldn't glean from the pages of a woman's magazine—or their own common sense."
An intermittently amusing memoir of the author's life as a single woman living, working and dating in Brooklyn. Read full book review >