Books by Dennis Carr

Released: May 1, 2006

The Carrs convincingly create Victoria Julianne Van Wyck, a haughty heiress that readers will at first love to hate. However, hearts may soften when the cosmopolitan Victoria is forced from her posh European lifestyle to Wahoo, Neb., with the new name, Amanda Jones, limited funds (and off-the-rack back-to-school clothes) and a bodyguard, Adam, aka Uncle Bob, to protect her. Realistically, Amanda's abrupt relocation, which is meant to protect her from death threats, doesn't reform her overnight. Instead, gradually through a friendship with Mills, her landlord's hardworking daughter, a part-time library job and exposure to a less-than-luxurious lifestyle, Amanda slowly learns the life lesson that she must consider others, while still maintaining her spunk and razor-sharp wit that she frequently uses to her advantage. A humorous, but at times intense, text held together by a strong, intelligent and eventually charming heroine. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >