Books by Derek Lambert

Released: May 2, 2000

"A twice-told tale that doesn't claim anything of its own in the retelling."
Another Englishman goes to another near-Mediterranean village and becomes besotted by the place in a way that may seem rather familiar already. Read full book review >
TRIAD by Derek Lambert
Released: Sept. 1, 1991

Criminal organizations in Hong Kong meet their match in an incorruptible British police superintendent—from the author of Vendetta (1990), etc. Harry Price is the straight cop whose loathing for the drug trade became passionate with the death by overdose of his only son. Abandoned by his wife, Price devotes himself completely to the eradication of drug traffic in the Crown colony. He concentrates his efforts on the 18G triad—one of the most powerful of the longstanding Chinese criminal organizations. Price is aiming for Kwan Tai, the head of the triad, but so are an American missionary who believes Kwan Tai's conversion will save souls and lives; an agent from Beijing who believes control of the triads is necessary for the coming Communist takeover; and Kwan Tai's own son, a kung fu movie star who can't wait for his father to retire. All the pots come to a boil as the bad guys and the good guys wait for a tremendous shipment of heroin to sail into Hong Kong harbor. Price's waiting is made slightly more endurable by the prickly charms of the intelligent and attractive missionary. Kwan Tai's only comfort is his collection of fine teas. Good police yarn in an offbeat setting. Read full book review >