Books by Don L. Wulffson

Released: Aug. 14, 2001

"With no bibliography or documentation, this won't get students very far on their invention reports, but it will surprise and entertain them, and keep them flipping its pages. (Nonfiction. 8-14)"
As in The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle (1997), Wulffson briefly relates the development of 50 things we take for granted, from books to graham crackers to napkins to toilet paper. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 1997

"Such stories are well-suited to sharing. (Nonfiction. 9-14)"
Wulffson (Time Fix, 1994) sketches out the origins of 99 inventions in this entertaining volume of trivia that may launch further research for reports. Read full book review >
TIME FIX by Don L. Wulffson
Released: Aug. 1, 1994

"EWSLUGp1985 and its sequels, this collection will also appeal to reluctant and less practiced readers. (Fiction. 11- 15)"
Eight mild spine-tinglers, each with a twist at the end: Helen sells magazine subscriptions to a ``Fortune-teller,'' then learns that the woman has been dead for weeks; terrorized by an oncoming tidal wave in his ``Dream World,'' a teenager is admitted to a mental hospital and later found dead in his bed, lungs filled with seawater; a macho hunter becomes ``The Hunted'' when he callously kills a deer and is transformed into one himself. Read full book review >