Books by Donald MacKenzie

LOOSE CANNON by Donald MacKenzie
Released: Dec. 10, 1993

"A tricky assignment for Raven—at loose ends on his Thames houseboat (Raven's Shadow, etc.) since wife Kirstie is away—and a mildly intriguing puzzle for the reader."
Philip Page, a product of the flaming 80's, made millions in a scheme (with a now-dead Pakistani) buying and selling factories to Consol Electric with a promise of lucrative contracts for the product involved. Read full book review >
THE EYES OF THE GOAT by Donald MacKenzie
Released: Feb. 22, 1993

"MacKenzie (By Any Illegal Means, 1990, etc. etc.) has done much better."
Confusion reigns when John Raven, London's ex-Detective- Inspector, now a private investigator, gets involved in a high- stakes undercover scheme to buy coded computer discs from the files of the old Communist government in Czechoslovakia. Read full book review >