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Raised and educated in Montana, Donald McCaig came east because the streets were paved with gold. In the 1960's, New York's Madison Avenue was one of those golden streets and McCaig became an award winning copywriter. In 1971, he and his wife Anne moved

RUTH'S JOURNEY by Donald McCaig
Released: Oct. 14, 2014

"Ruth laments, 'I done lost most them I loved, and most my beloveds die ugly,' but this is the tale of Mammy, not Ruth."
Authorized by the Margaret Mitchell estate, this historical novel takes up the story of Mammy, one of the most beloved minor characters in Gone With the Wind. Read full book review >
MR. AND MRS. DOG by Donald McCaig
Released: April 1, 2013

"A straightforward but unremarkable book for dog lovers or those considering a dog."
Novelist and essayist McCaig (The Dog Wars: How the Border Collie Battled the American Kennel Club, 2007, etc.) chronicles his experiences training sheepdogs for companionship and competition. Read full book review >
CANAAN by Donald McCaig
Released: March 19, 2007

"A husk of a novel; busy, but without cumulative power."
In the wake of the Civil War, blacks and whites struggle to make sense of their changed lives; out West, Indians struggle against the Washitu (whites). Read full book review >
JACOB'S LADDER by Donald McCaig
Released: April 1, 1998

"Too bad that the few Federals are ciphers, suggestive of the prevailing one-sidedness that holds this often powerful tale from an epic breadth and dilutes its impact."
A large, ambitious, carefully researched novel tracing the impact of the Civil War on a Virginia slave-owning family, their neighbors, and their slaves—with enough melodrama and subplots to fill several books. Read full book review >
NOP'S HOPE by Donald McCaig
Released: May 11, 1994

"His landscapes, whether of the Mississippi Delta, the truck stops along the highway, the life of the American West, or the human heart, are vivid and true."
This finely written sequel to McCaig's popular Nop's Trials (1984) follows Penny Burkeholder and her unique Border Collie, Nop's offering, Hope. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 1992

"His collection is uneven, but, at its best, pure and moving. (Twenty halftones—not seen.)"
Essays on rural life by NPR commentator McCaig (Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men, 1991; Nop's Trials, 1984, etc.). Read full book review >