Books by Donald Wu

SHAGGY DOGS, WAGGY DOGS by Patricia Hubbell
Released: Sept. 1, 2011

A cornucopia of canines! Read full book review >
CHANGE-UP by Gene Fehler
Released: Feb. 16, 2009

Loving baseball is not limited to the actual playing season. There's the long winter filled with anticipation and memories. Then there's the fresh start that comes in the spring, followed by summer games won and lost, heroics and errors and the wonderful tension of a championship autumn. All of these and more are subjects of a cycle of poems that span a baseball year in the life of a young narrator aglow with baseball love. He plays snow baseball in the winter, "warmed by the kind of thoughts / that help me get through February, / the hardest month." He is also thoroughly supported by his family and teammates, all of whom share his joy and love of the game. Fehler's verses are filled with aptly chosen descriptive language that engages all the senses. Some are concrete poems that take the shape of the subject or action. Wu's bright acrylic-and-color pencil illustrations vary in size from small inserts to full-page extravaganzas and beautifully complement the text. A home-run gift for a baseball fanatic. (Poetry. 7-12)Read full book review >
DOGERELLA by Maribeth Boelts
Released: June 24, 2008

In this version of the Cinderella story, the familiar structure is cleverly reworked to fit the mid-level early-reader format. An adorable pug puppy appears as Cinderella in Wu's illustrations, while the stepmother is a haughty, white poodle and the stepsisters are an unfriendly chow and an aloof Afghan. Rather than a prince searching for a bride, a pampered princess named Bea wants a puppy for her seventh birthday. Her parents decide to have a ball for all the dogs in the kingdom so that Bea can choose her favorite as her pet. A purple-haired Fairy Dogmother helps Dogerella, providing a sparkly collar spelling out the dog's name as well as a mini-van to get to the ball. The collar is left behind at the ball as the parallel element to the glass slipper and is of course a perfect fit for Dogerella in the conclusion. The combination of dozens of dogs, an earnest princess and a touch of magic add up to a charming whole. (Early reader. 5-7)Read full book review >