Books by Donough O’Malley

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO by Donough O’Malley
Released: July 1, 2008

Impudent monkeys are typically up to no good, which makes for good storytelling material. Such is the case with Patrick, who is in the running to pilot a spaceship while getting stiff competition from Q-Bert the robot. Professor von Loop, all wild hair and bushy brows, administers a few tests—counting, building blocks, coordination—to determine the most appropriate pilot. Q-Bert aces the tests but Patrick flubs miserably. The professor's verdict: "This useless monkey goes back to his cage." Not for long, as Patrick somehow gets his hands on the keys to the cage and then suddenly discovers the ability to count, stack blocks and dance like Nijinsky in order to effect his escape. He arrives at the rocket just in time to give Q-Bert the boot and grab the controls. "See you in 1000 light years," says the rascal as he lifts off. Sheer bad-boy fun—but, really, who wants a heartless professor and a soulless robot to win the day? O'Malley's energized artwork, with its dense, powdery colors, scintillates. (Picture book. 3-7)Read full book review >