Books by Dorothea DePrisco

SEE FOR YOURSELF by Dorothea DePrisco
Released: Dec. 3, 2017

"A wide-ranging and engaging survey. (Nonfiction. 7-10)"
What we see, how we see, and how eyes work. Read full book review >
PIG-A-BOO! by Dorothea DePrisco
Released: May 12, 2009

As long as eyes come as standard equipment on infants, the peek-a-boo game will be a sure baby-pleaser. Riding the tide is this mild barnyard charmer that combines both the perennial appeal of peek-a-boo with touch-and-feel elements. "I went to the farm, / and what did I see?" asks the text as a chubby pink pig sprawls, trotters over its eyes, on its back in the mud. Lift the flap and the pig throws its front feet over its head in exuberance, revealing a felty pink patch to feel as the text answers, "Oink-a-boo! / A big chubby pig looking at me." To this Bill Martin Jr. pattern, the usual barnyard suspects reveal themselves to readers, each with its own tactile treat. Bright and cheery, this has all the ingredients for an over-and-over laptime read. (Ages 1-3)Read full book review >