Books by Dorothy Stott

KITTY AND ME by Dorothy Stott
Released: May 1, 1993

One of a pair of unusually well-designed and appealing flap books (the other is Puppy and Me, ISBN 0-525-45080-7). Here, a boy and girl are shown at six times of day, in different rooms or outdoors, with their cat in typical activities that frequently parallel their own. Sometimes the hidden cat is revealed by lifting a flap (sleeping under the bed where the boy is just waking); or sometimes lifting a flap that already displays the cat advances the action (she's first seen eating neatly under the breakfast table, then with her dish up-ended). Stott's warm, funny art is nicely observed and imaginatively rendered. Flap books are so popular with kids and parents alike that it's too bad more of them aren't of this high caliber. Printed on sturdy stock that will stand up to many rereadings. (Picture book. 1-5) Read full book review >
ZIP, WHIZ, ZOOM! by Stephanie Calmenson
Released: Sept. 1, 1992

In ten vignettes on the first spread, people prepare for journeys by different kinds of transport—from skateboard, roller skates, helicopter, and plane to a bus and the family car. Cheery doggerel describes the lively characters' progress as they're glimpsed en route, in various combinations, along country roads or in a crowded city; in the end they all converge at Grandma's: it's her birthday. Not much plot here, but kids will enjoy identifying the many vehicles, plumped out like soft toys in Stott's appealing illustrations. (Picture book. 2-6) Read full book review >