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Doug Beason's Bio Doug Beason is the author of eleven novels, eight with collaborator Kevin J. Anderson, including Ignition (bought by Universal studios' Joe Singer, producer of "Courage Under Fire") and Ill Wind (optioned for a mini-ser

Released: Oct. 1, 2005

"Beason attains a kind of high-geekish exaltation that will appeal to readers schooled in Tom Clancy."
Directed energy is the wave (and not just the microwave) of the future, the source of weapons that will prove to be revolutionary. Read full book review >
IGNITION by Kevin J. Anderson
Released: March 26, 1997

"Even Steven Seagal's standards are higher than this, but blowing up the Vehicular Assembly Building ought to look good on the screen. (Film rights to Universal)"
Terrorists seize Cape Canaveral at the time of a shuttle launch in a new technothriller from Anderson and Beason (the eco-disaster novel Ill Wind, 1995; etc.). Read full book review >
ILL WIND by Kevin J. Anderson
Released: June 1, 1995

"Style and characterization are often clunky, but the fast- moving story pushes all the right emotional buttons for mass success: It's almost un-put-downable."
A big, near-future disaster novel straddling the border between science fiction and technothriller, likely to appeal to fans of both. Read full book review >