Books by Douglas MacKinnon

Released: Feb. 28, 2012

"A combative addition to the literature of the war on poverty."
Political writer and former White House and Pentagon official MacKinnon (Vengeance is Mine, 2010) recounts his poor childhood with alcoholic parents in a forceful commentary about poverty. Read full book review >
FIRST VICTIM by Douglas MacKinnon
Released: June 1, 1997

"But MacKinnon cheapens the theme of spousal abuse by being content to use it for cynically melodramatic effect: Turner is a one-dimensional monster, and the novel he's in soon becomes merely a routine (and bloody) thriller."
Debut political thriller by nationally syndicated columnist MacKinnon (the nonfiction Footprints, 1989, not reviewed), who worked as a writer for the Reagan and Bush administrations and knows the White House corridors well. Read full book review >