Books by Duncan Smith

ANDREW McANDREW by Bernard MacLaverty
Released: March 1, 1993

Eight stories about a four-year-old and his grandad, all with essentially the same plot: despite Grandad's warnings, the minute he's out of sight Andrew tries to help, but his meddling- -whether it's tuning Grandad's fiddle, switching the new kitchen faucets, or touching a clock's pendulum—always results in a minor disaster; and Grandad always seems ``very angry'' when he finds out, but then easily repairs the damage. Taken one at a time, the easily read stories are mildly engaging, especially in company with Smith's appealing drawings of the cheerful little miscreant; together, they get awfully predictable. An acceptable additional purchase, useful for precocious readers. (Fiction. 4- 8) Read full book review >