Books by E. Howard Hunt

DRAGON TEETH by E. Howard Hunt
Released: May 12, 1997

"Aimless, bloated, and undramatic fare unredeemed by any hint of suspense."
On a break from ex-DEA superstar Jack Novak (Izmir, 1996, etc.), Hunt offers a limp tale in which a CIA operative returns to the Peoples Republic of China in search of his missing son while Beijing and Washington stumble to the brink of WW III. Read full book review >
IZMIR by E. Howard Hunt
Released: Feb. 15, 1996

"Crude, chaotic, and puerile, with appeal mainly for those looking to step up in class from action comics."
A fourth globe-trotting turn for Jack Novak (Islamorada, p. 184, etc.), the ex-DEA operative who now does odd off-the-books jobs for agencies of the US government, damsels in distress, or anyone else who strikes his manic fancies. Read full book review >
THE PARIS EDGE by E. Howard Hunt
Released: Aug. 1, 1995

"Competently written pulp trash for the 90s, verging on self- parody most of the way."
In the latest from Hunt (Islamorada, Feb. 1995, etc.), ex-US secret agent Bradley Mason (``call me Mace'') now owns and runs Secours S.A. in Paris, with help from secretary Yasmi, henchmen Rene and Raoul, and a clutch of on-call aids. Read full book review >
ISLAMORADA by E. Howard Hunt
Released: April 10, 1995

"More than you ever wanted to know about guns, boats, and Florida fish, along with its ritual assortment of double-crosses, acts of violence, and boudoir antics."
A third appearance for Jack Novak, an ex-one-man army for the DEA (Ixtapa, 1994, etc.) who's now holed up in a Florida Keys fishing shack recovering from a shoulder injury, an ignominious retreat from Mexico, and a brush-off from a longtime girlfriend. Read full book review >
IXTAPA by E. Howard Hunt
Released: Nov. 11, 1994

"Even Neanderthals, though, won't find this any more nourishing than a bale of cotton candy."
Another return to arms for Jack Novak (Mazatl†n, 1993), the ex-DEA agent who seems to have built up so much energy sleeping through the consciousness-raising of the '70s and '80s that now he can't stay retired. Read full book review >
MAZATLAN by E. Howard Hunt
Released: Dec. 10, 1993

"No doubt they will, since Hunt gives his readership the sort of leathery fare they presumably want: For would-be tough guys only, though."
Another awesomely un-politically correct thriller from Hunt (Chinese Red, 1992, etc.), this kicking off a new series narrated by an ex-DEA agent who knows his way around guns, booze, and boats- -and who will slap a ``bitch'' around if she gets out of line. Read full book review >
CHINESE RED by E. Howard Hunt
Released: Nov. 23, 1992

"Period piece for the Cuban-cigar set."
A retired spook gets sucked back into the geopolitical slugfest in the last days of the Soviet Union, where the bad old Stalinists want to do a deal with the bad old Red Chinese to quash the threat of peace. Read full book review >
BODY COUNT by E. Howard Hunt
Released: Jan. 23, 1992

"Lots of steaks and wine."
A sharpshooting Washington p.r. man does a little moonlighting as an assassin. Read full book review >