Books by Echo Heron

Released: June 1, 1998

"Enlightening for anyone considering entering the field, but unsettling for anyone contemplating entering a hospital."
The first-person stories of some 40-odd nurses in a variety of fields reveal in a sometimes shocking and sometimes comical fashion what the caring profession is really like. Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 1994

"The first two portions sometimes lag, but the third—which is the bulk of the book—is an engaging read. (First serial to Glamour; Literary Guild alternate selection; author tour)"
Although prone to self-dramatizing hyperbole, former coronary care nurse Heron (Intensive Care: The Story of a Nurse, 1987) is passionate and persuasive in this second memoir cataloguing the frustrations of the profession that ultimately burned her out. Read full book review >
MERCY by Echo Heron
Released: March 1, 1992

"Heron's debut fiction, like Cat, uses tough talk, bathroom humor, and gross realism to cover a sentimental marshmallow core."
Heron's first novel—about a feisty dedicated nurse ``running out of codependency gas''—covers much the same territory as her nonfiction, Intensive Care (1987), without being as compelling or credible. Read full book review >