Books by Eden Maguire

ARIZONA by Eden Maguire
Released: Oct. 1, 2010

"Just as in the series opener, the story is dragged down by obsessive love, flat characters and tedious writing. (Supernatural mystery. YA)"
Only fans of the first Beautiful Dead book (Jonas, 2009) will enjoy and fully follow this second installment as Darina moves on to help the next zombie, Arizona, explain the mystery surrounding her drowning death before her one-year anniversary or Arizona will be sent back to limbo (an agreement arranged with Hunter, the zombie overlord, so Darina can continue seeing her deceased boyfriend). Read full book review >
BEAUTIFUL DEAD by Eden Maguire
Released: March 1, 2010

"Only for fans who really, really can't get enough of the Twilight phenomenon. (Supernatural. YA)"
Two days after the stabbing death of her boyfriend, Phoenix, Darina, hiding inside an old, abandoned barn in a remote wooded area (although it's never explained why the teenage girl ventured there alone) secretly observes his initiation into the Beautiful Dead, a troupe of young zombies who have one year to find out the truth about their deaths and seek justice. Read full book review >