Books by Edith Kunhardt

HONEST ABE by Edith Kunhardt
Released: Jan. 16, 1993

From an ``internationally known folk artist,'' a series of carefully composed images representing the most significant and/or best-known points in Lincoln's life. Zeldis's designs are decorative and lively, her colors vibrant—emerald, electric blue, lemon, gold, crimson, fuchsia. But the stiff forms and dour, stolidly stylized figures— recalling traditional naive art—are distancing. Kunhardt presents the essential facts in a brief, unadorned text with sentences so short and simple that they fall like the blows of a hammer. An acceptable first biography, and interesting for the art, where funds permit. (Biography/Picture book. 5-8) Read full book review >
RED DAY, GREEN DAY by Edith Kunhardt
Released: May 26, 1992

A simple, upbeat story that reviews a typical kindergarten experience while presenting the colors. Andrew's class has ``Red Day,'' ``Yellow Day,'' etc., when the kids bring something of the appropriate color for show-and-tell time. Books, toys, jello, blueberries, and a daffodil are cheerfully shared; then, fortuitously, a real rainbow appears at the right educational moment, inspiring Andrew to a classic work of kindergarten art. The lively, well-observed drawings on the text pages are as appealing as the full-color art facing them. Broad borders in appropriate colors emphasize the basic lesson, while patchwork endpapers are a subtle reminder that the spectrum embraces many intermediate hues. Unpretentious fare but right on target. (Picture book. 3-6) Read full book review >