Books by Edward A. Taub

Released: Feb. 1, 1999

Balance is achieved here with a sound diet, a doable exercise program, and stress reduction strategies—all sensible and clearly presented. Taub (a pediatrician and family doctor, currently the "Wellness Medical Doctor" for QVC) isn't presenting anything astonishing here, and he isn't immune to bouts of diet-book-ese: "recent statistics prove . . . six of the ten most common deadly diseases in the United States are known to be influenced by food." However, his advice is absolutely sound, and Taub isn't afraid to stand firm on unpopular positions or take on the misleading food marketing giants. Nothing on the market, he rightly asserts, "can match the nutritional power and nurturing force of breast milk—nothing." Start children out right, plan meals using a nutritional "ladder" with fruits, vegetables, starches, and grains on the top rungs (abandon the four basic food groups—even the newer food pyramid is still slightly off base), and examine nutritional studies and advice for marketing and other biases before accepting their results and recommendations. Taub helps readers develop, first, an individual health profile, then a four-week plan for remedial action as needed; this is complete and clearly organized with all the necessary nutritional and exercise information and recipes. Yes, another diet/exercise/lifestyle plan—but a sensible, well-based one. ($500,000 ad/promo; TV and radio satellit tour) Read full book review >