Books by Edward Shenton

GREEN HILLS OF AFRICA by Ernest Hemingway
Released: July 21, 2015

"Papa's best and worst on full display, sometimes in the same paragraph."
A Hemingway son and grandson present a reprinting of their ancestor's 1935 work (Hemingway Library Edition) along with some illuminating supplementary material. Read full book review >
YEAR OF JUBILO by Edward Shenton
Released: Oct. 11, 1940

More about Lucinda of Roller Skates. Her father has died and the family goes to Maine to spend a year in the summer cottage which is all they have left. Lucinda learns to cook — that is all she is considered capable of doing, while her older brothers take on the job of earning a living for them all. But at the end Lucinda, temper and all, has earned the right to be "one of the Wymans," not a tag-along. A grand, human story, beautifully written, with lots of humour, and breathing the salty, foggy air of Maine. Read full book review >