Books by Elaine Kagan

LOSING MR. NORTH by Elaine Kagan
Released: May 14, 2002

"Certainly better than much that's out there, though not one of the author's best."
Kagan, author of several smart, grown-up novels (No Good-Byes, 2000, etc.), stumbles with this work on adultery, despite the novelty of taking both the wife and girlfriend's point of view. Read full book review >
NO GOOD-BYES by Elaine Kagan
Released: June 1, 2000

"A well-honed work on surviving heartache, spiffed up by the shiny glow of Tinseltown."
Garnished with the glamour of Hollywood, this third novel from actress Kagan (Somebody's Baby, 1998, etc.) transforms potentially hackneyed fare into a genuine exploration of grief. Read full book review >
SOMEBODY'S BABY by Elaine Kagan
Released: May 1, 1998

"In all, and against the odds, a passionate and emotionally charged tale. (Film rights to United Artists/Frank Mancuso; Literary Guild alternate selection; author tour)"
A third novel from film/TV actress Kagan (Blue Heaven, 1996, etc.), who this time out transforms now-prosaic subject matter—an adopted woman in search of her birth parents—into an erotic, albeit tragic, romance of love lost and finally regained. Read full book review >
BLUE HEAVEN by Elaine Kagan
Released: April 12, 1996

"Nonsensical title and strained historical references aside, an undeniable poignancy colors Kagan's attempt to show three generations of women coming to terms with each other at the end of a life. (Literary Guild selection)"
Actress/author Kagan's (The Girls, 1994) exploration of the fateful ties and traditions that bind women together, for better and sometimes for worse. Read full book review >
THE GIRLS by Elaine Kagan
Released: May 9, 1994

"In the end, this novel breaks that trust with a surprise ending that runs counter to the evidence we've been given."
Elaine Kagan's years as a television and theater actress lend a dimension of theatrical perceptiveness to her writing. Read full book review >